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  • Love Christie? Buy with confidence with the AVM price guarantee

    If you buy Christie, AVM is the distributor where you will get the best price.  We guarantee that no other distributor will beat us.
    Of course, price isn't everything.  And when you buy Christie from AVM, you also benefit from a whole range of exclusive benefits:- 
    • an enhanced warranty offering 
    • 5 Year education warranty on LaPH
    • a free consultation and handover service
    • a free on-site demonstration support service
    • in-house repairs and servicing down to component level
    All of these benefits are delivered by our own experienced technical team, who have ten years' experience of servicing the Christie range.
    Add in our dedicated brand ambassador who knows the range inside out, and you can see we are best placed to offer you advice and support.   
    Our support is not just on projectors but on flat panel displays and signal processors too. 
    So if you are specifying Christie, there is really only one distributor you should consider.  We look forward to supporting you on your next installation.
    If you have an outstanding Christie quote, give us a call before you place the order - our best price guarantee delivers you the best margin too! 

    Posted by Admin On: 09-03-2018