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Emerald KVM over IP

The award-winning high-performance KVM & matrix switching platform.

The KVM solution ideal for a wide range of industries.

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The award-winning Emerald® KVM over IP extension and matrix switching platform, developed and manufactured by Black Box®, ushers in a new era in KVM technology - eliminating sacrificed performance, compromised solutions, and fractured networks. Emerald can be operated as a point-to-point extension or an IP-based KVM matrix switching system that supports pixel-perfect HD and 4K video signals, high-speed USB 2.0, and bidirectional analog audio. It also provides access to both physical and virtual machines via RDP/ RemoteFX or PCoIP. With Emerald, you are ready for the future - no matter what form it takes.

Monitoring Room

Command & Control Rooms

Security Monitoring Screens

Public Safety

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Broadcast & Post-Production

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Air Traffic Control

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Medical Imaging

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Christie Projction Guide

Want to dive in deeper? 

The Emerald KVM over IP Brochure is here to help.

Emerald® receivers and transmitters deliver up to pixel-perfect 4K 60 Hz video resolutions. The management GUI lets you choose from five video compression settings, including highly compressed (35 Mbps, 1080p at 60 fps) and pixel perfect (450 Mbps, 1080p at 60 fps). For pixel-perfect 4K at 60 Hz 4:4:4 video transmission, a 10-Gbps connection is required.

With Emerald, VM connectivity is brought to a whole new level. Access VMware® and Microsoft® VMs over RDP 8.1/Remote FX or PCoIP/PCoIP Ultra in real time and provide a high-quality user experience across any given distance. By adding the VMs to a matrix setup, multiple users can switch seamlessly between various physical and virtual desktops without noticing the difference. Connecting VMs to the Emerald IP Switch eliminates the need for additional transmitter units. If more advanced collaboration is required, add the Emerald GE Gateway to the Emerald network and allow up to eight users simultaneous access to the same VM

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Emerald Benefits:

Point-to-Point Extension or Matrix Switching

Start small with a simple point-to-point extension and grow your system to a high-performance KVM matrix. Combine HD and 4K transmitter and receiver units, connect them to an IP switch, and add the Boxilla® KVM Manager to your system as it grows beyond 32 endpoints.

Remote App and ZeroU Transmitters

The Emerald Remote App turns any Windows® 10 or 11 device into a software KVM receiver, allowing users to monitor devices remotely and without additional hardware. Use the USB-powered ZeroU Transmitters to save valuable rack space.

Pixel-Perfect 4K 60 Hz Video over IP

Extend and switch pixel-perfect HD (DVI), or 4K (DisplayPort™ 1.2) video, high-speed USB 2.0, and bidirectional analog audio. Choose from five video compression settings to balance video quality and bandwidth consumption.

Virtual Machine Access

Provide BIOS-level, high-speed KVM access to virtual machines from all Emerald® receiver models. Emerald supports VMware® and Microsoft® products using RDP/ RemoteFX or PCoIP/PCoIP Ultra without the need for additional receivers. For VM sharing, use the Emerald GE Gateway that allows up to eight Emerald receivers/users to access and collaborate on one virtual machine.

Award-Winning KVM Management

Centrally manage your complete KVM network through the user-friendly, web-based KVM management platform, Boxilla. Monitor bandwidth consumption, control user access, and receive automated system alerts - all from your preferred web browser

Rich Set of APIs for Advanced Control

Use ControlBridge®, Lawo VSM, or any third-party control system to switch between sources or to select application presets. This allows simple and flexible operation - even within complex control room settings - and full management of the Emerald system.

Flexible, Redundant Network Connectivity

Emerald PE and 4K extenders provide redundant network ports that enable signal transmission over CATx, fiber, an IP network, or even the internet. Redundant network ports allow for fast, automated switchover in case one connection is lost.

Reliable and Interoperable System Components

The Emerald product family consists of a variety of extender models that are fully interoperable with each other, regardless of whether they use HD or 4K video. Other optional components to enhance your KVM system, such as 1, 10, or 100 Gbps IP switches, SFP(+) modules, a switchable USB 2.0 extender, mounting kits, interface adapters, and a central power hub, are also available.

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