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Comprehensive Catalogue. 
Custom Solutions. UK Based.

Unicol's comprehensive portfolio of mounting solutions cater to a wide spectrum of AV devices, including screens, LED panels, projectors, sound bars, and video conference cameras of virtually every make and model.

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Innovative Signage Mounts

UNICOL TV mounts boast sturdy designs tailored to accommodate a range of screen sizes, providing flexible and space-saving solutions for home entertainment or commercial displays. Their video wall mounts and digital signage solutions offer alignment and effortless maintenance, empowering businesses to create impactful visual experiences with ease. Designed with precision engineering, UNICOL's comprehensive range of mounts and solutions cater to all AV installations.

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Seamless Projection Mounts

Unicol projector mounts provide versatile, reliable solutions for securely positioning projectors in various environments, ensuring optimal viewing experiences. These Installer friendly projector mounts with full tilt & turn for easy set up. Including varying height adjustment on different model variations. With durable construction and adjustable features, Unicol projector mounts offer ease of installation and precise alignment for seamless integration into any space.

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LED Solutions

Transform your space with UNICOL custom designed LED video wall installations, each faithfully carried through from concept to final delivery. UNICOL's long experienced design team is geared to offer advice, arrange site visits and more, to ensure the
success of every project. From individual custom-made freestanding totems to large scale screen and LED tile displays. These have been floor mounted, ceiling suspended, or on structural building columns.

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