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High performance devices and connectivity solutions designed for seamless communication, Their comprehensive line of products and systems is designed to ensure efficient communication and data processing across various sectors.

Cutting-edge Control & Connectivity

SY's control & connectivity products are renowned for their cutting-edge technology and reliability, making them a preferred choice for a wide range of applications & sectors. Whether in telecommunications, aerospace, industrial or higher learning, SY's solutions provide seamless signal control and management to enhance system performance.

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Signal Management Expertise

SY Electronics is a renowned industry leader in the field of Signal Management, with a well-established reputation for developing cutting-edge solutions. Their comprehensive line of products and systems is designed to ensure efficient communication and data processing across various sectors, from telecommunications and aerospace to industrial applications. SY Electronics' expertise in signal management enables them to address complex challenges and deliver reliable solutions that enhance system performance.


Innovative Signal Routing 

One of the key strengths of SY Electronics in the realm of signal management is their ability to provide innovative signal routing solutions. Their equipment and software are engineered to seamlessly handle signal transmission, enabling clients to optimize data flow and reduce latency. Whether it's for real-time data analysis, secure communications, or network reliability, SY Electronics' products are engineered to meet the demands of modern signal management applications.

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Tailored Solutions

SY Electronics is known for its ability to deliver customised signal management systems, catering to the unique requirements of each client. Their flexible approach ensures that businesses can adapt and scale their signal management infrastructure as needed. From designing complex signal processing solutions to implementing user-friendly interfaces, SY Electronics empowers organizations to efficiently control their signal management in ways that align with their specific operational goals and industry standards.

Our Top Picks

A great selection of products which are hot right now:



  • 2x HDMI, 1x USB-C input

  • HDBaseT output 

  • 40m @ 4K30 or 70m @ 1080p

  • HDCP control

  • RS232 control and pass-through

  • Built in IR Eye (Pass-through and Learning)

  • Auto/Manual input selection

  • Auto/Manual Display On/Off Bi-directional PoC

APOLLO 41 4x1 Seamless Switch, Multi-Viewer Stacked Angled.png

Apollo 41

  • 4x1 4K 18G Switcher 

  • Seamless Switching

  • Wide range Scaler to 4K60 4:4:4 

  • Single, Dual, Triple, Quad multiview

  • PiP (Picture in Picture)

  • Extensive EDID control

  • HDCP management

  • VKA (Video Keep Alive)

  • ITC (IT Content)

  • De-embed audio 

USB100 SET 100M USB 2.0 over Cat6 Extender Right Stacked.png


  • USB 2.0 over Cat6 extender to 100m

  • Supports all USB 2.0 or below, to 170 Mbps max.

  • Only one PSU required 

  • Bulk, Control, Interrupt, & Isochronous Transfers

  • Simple Plug and Play, no drivers, configuration/software required

  • Compact and resilient design

NEW: KVM41-U3-18G


4x1 KVM Switcher


HDMI 2.0 4K60

4:4:4 (18G)


USB 3.0 Compliant

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Extensive EDID/HDCP management


De-embed analogue audio via 3.5mm TRS Jack


Easy to operate

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