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Professional projectors & cameras by JVC are known for superb color reproduction when it really matters. 

Leading Colour Representation

JVC’s range of professional projectors for home cinema and corporate environments is known for superb colour reproduction when it really matters.  These projectors are for purists and enthusiasts, offering the best native black level performance of any brand.


JVC’s PTZ (pan/tilt/zoom) cameras are perfectly suited for a range of applications, including education, corporate and live event use. With live streaming built in and the ability to fully remote control the cameras over an IP network, the JVC PTZ camera range offers a cost-effective, efficient way to produce and distribute high quality video content.

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JVC Projectors

JVC projectors are renowned for their high-quality and immersive home theater experiences, offering stunning 4K and native 4K resolution options with advanced D-ILA technology. These projectors provide excellent color accuracy, contrast, and image clarity, making them a popular choice for enthusiasts seeking cinematic visuals in their own spaces.

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JVC PTZ Cameras

JVC PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) cameras are versatile and high-performance cameras designed for a wide range of applications, from broadcasting and live events to video conferencing and surveillance. They offer remote control over pan, tilt, and zoom functions, along with exceptional quality, making them a reliable choice for capturing dynamic shots in various settings.

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JVC PTZ Controllers

JVC PTZ controllers are intuitive and ergonomic devices designed to provide precise and effortless control over JVC PTZ cameras. With features like variable speed control and customizable presets, these controllers empower users to capture dynamic shots and effectively manage multiple PTZ cameras in various professional settings.

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