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Unveiling the Future of Projection: Introducing Av Stumpfl's BLACKPEAK Projector Screen

Updated: Jan 8

AVM Ltd are thrilled to introduce the latest innovation from our esteemed manufacturer, AV Stumpfl – the BlackPeak projector screen. Get ready to revolutionize your viewing experience with this state-of-the-art projection surface technology that promises unparalleled black levels and contrast ratios, even in ambient light settings.

The BlackPeak Advantage

Say goodbye to the frustration of washed-out images caused by ambient light.

AV Stumpfl BlackPeak Technology - Demonstration in Ambient Light
AV Stumpfl BlackPeak Technology - Demonstration in Ambient Light

Traditional projection screens often struggle to maintain image quality in bright environments, forcing users to darken surroundings and compromise convenience. However, BlackPeak, developed at our AV Stumpfl GmbH HQ in Upper Austria, defies these limitations.

Phenomenal Image Reproduction

BlackPeak offers highly impressive image reproduction even in well-lit spaces, comparable to OLED TVs and other light-emitting display technologies. This groundbreaking technology ensures that your projected images, whether static or dynamic, boast vivid colors and exceptional dynamic range, akin to projecting onto a black surface.

Innovative Solution to Classic Limitations

Classic projection technology has long faced challenges when it comes to projecting true "black." BlackPeak ingeniously solves this problem, allowing you to project images onto a black surface without sacrificing visibility. This makes it an ideal choice for various applications, from home cinema setups to event technology markets.

Sustainability and Compatibility

Aligning with our sustainability goals, the BlackPeak technology can be retrofitted for existing projection screens, offering an eco-friendly upgrade for screens produced and supplied over the past decades.

Versatility Across Sectors

Whether you're a home cinema enthusiast, an event technology professional, or involved in fixed-install projection systems, BlackPeak caters to your needs seamlessly. With screen sizes up to 175 inches for home cinema setups and exceptional contrast for event technology, this projection surface material is a game-changer.

Limitless Possibilities with "Welded Screen" Design

Opt for a "welded screen" design and unlock nearly unlimited screen surface material dimensions, giving you the flexibility to tailor your setup to your specific requirements.

In conclusion, AV Stumpfl’s BlackPeak is not just a projector screen; it's a paradigm shift in projection technology. Upgrade your viewing experience and explore the possibilities that BlackPeak brings to the world of AV. Contact us at AVM Ltd to embrace the future of projection. Your journey to superior image quality starts here!

AV Stumpfl® GmbH will exhibit at the ISE exhibition in Barcelona from 30.01 - 02.02, at booth #3A500, FIRA Barcelona, Spain.

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