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Defeating Ambient Light Challenges with Draper's TecVision Innovation

Draper Projection Screen, Remove Ambient Light

At Audio Visual Material Ltd, we are delighted to introduce Draper's TecVision line of high-performance viewing surfaces, a testament to their commitment to quality and innovation in the world of projection. In the realm of projection challenges, one of the most formidable adversaries is ambient light. Excessive light in a space can easily overpower projected images, causing them to "wash out" or disappear altogether.

Draper's TecVision series offers five distinct ISF-certified formulations, each meticulously designed to perform exceptionally well under varying levels of ambient light, addressing this common challenge with impressive solutions:

  • Each TecVision® surface is meticulously engineered to deliver exceptional attributes, including high-contrast visuals, precise resolution, accurate color reproduction, and the widest possible viewing angle.

  • Furthermore, all TecVision® surfaces consistently provide top-tier quality, reliability, and uniformity, ensuring a superior visual experience.

  • Endorsed by the Imaging Science Foundation (ISF)

  • Notably, all TecVision® surfaces have earned the prestigious ISF certification, signifying their adherence to optical color accuracy and fidelity standards as evaluated by the Imaging Science Foundation. This distinction sets TecVision® apart from any other line of viewing surfaces in the AV industry.

  • Ambient Light Rejecting (ALR) Solutions

  • TecVision® surfaces include a selection of Ambient Light Rejecting (ALR) options, expertly optimized to minimize the impact of environmental lighting and uphold image contrast even in well-lit surroundings.

  • Exceptional Off-Axis Performance

  • TecVision® surfaces outperform competitors with similar product specifications, particularly excelling in off-axis performance, ensuring a captivating viewing experience from various angles.

  • Effective Light Absorption

  • TecVision® surfaces feature a thoughtfully crafted dark backing that efficiently absorbs ambient light, shielding against image degradation caused by light sources behind the screen.

  • Future-Proof with 8K Ready Capabilities.

  • For those seeking the latest in visual technology, all standard TecVision® surfaces are primed for 8K content, promising an immersive and cutting-edge viewing experience. Additionally, NanoPerforated TecVision® surfaces are 4K ready.

  • Acoustically Transparent Options

  • TecVision® formulations are available in acoustically transparent perforated or nanoperforated surfaces, adding versatility to your projection setup.

Moreover, Draper's TecVision line also includes a grey formulation, which, while not specifically ambient light-rejecting, offers excellent color characteristics. It's the ideal choice for ultra-short throw projections, blending applications, and settings with low ambient light.

By partnering with Draper and their TecVision series, Audio Visual Material Ltd empowers customers to overcome the challenges posed by ambient light, ensuring that every projected image is vibrant and clearly visible, regardless of the lighting conditions. The testimonials from satisfied clients and experts further validate the exceptional quality and performance of Draper's TecVision screens, making them the go-to solution for projection in any environment.

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