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Introducing DXN6200 by Dexon: Elevating Video Wall Control to New Heights

DEXON Systems stands among the foremost manufacturers of video wall controllers, with a vast array of control room installations globally. We are pleased to introduce its latest product line, poised to supplant the popular DXN5200 series and elevate system performance with support for 4K60 signals.

Dexon 4K Ultra HD Video Wall Control

Introducing the DXN6200 Video Wall Controller

The new DXN6200 series caters to various video wall controller projects, offering three chassis options in sizes of 4RU, 7RU, and 14RU. This versatility empowers system integrators to select the optimal size for each project, ensuring the delivery of a superior solution that not only meets but exceeds customer expectations.

Dexon 4K Ultra HD Video Wall Control famiily

DXN6200 Family Overview

DXN6200 video wall controllers enable the seamless operation of large video walls, showcasing Windows 10 graphics desktops and graphics windows from local application programs. Moreover, users can overlay direct video input windows to display live video information alongside the graphics canvas. With highly modular configurations supporting 4K60 4:4:4 or 4:2:0 input signals and outputting 4K60 4:4:4 HDMI signals, these controllers are equipped to handle diverse project requirements.

1080p, 4k, 4kuhd 4:4:4

DXN6200 4K60 Video Wall Controller

Given the increasing demand for 4K input and output signal displays, the DXN6200 solution is well-positioned to address a wide range of control room projects. System integrators now have the flexibility to accommodate various input and output signal resolutions, ensuring future-proof installations and streamlined wiring processes.

Demonstration of the ULTRA 4K HD Video Wall Controller

DXN6200 Description

All DXN6200 models feature a dual-bus system architecture meticulously crafted by DEXON for control room applications. While the main PCI Express system bus handles graphics and system control, these controllers boast an additional independent crossbar bus dedicated to video display, offering unparalleled system throughput and security.

By judiciously selecting input and output peripherals along with the appropriate DEXON video wall controller, integrators can fulfill the requirements of any project, aiming for utmost customer satisfaction and ensuring reliable 24/7 operation for years to come.

DEXON DXN6200 products are readily available for prompt delivery, catering to the needs of demanding AV projects and ensuring successful installations.

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