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Analog Way

A world-leading designer and manufacturer of innovative equipment dedicated to the professional audiovisual industry.

Signal Management Excellence

Analog Way is a leading provider of advanced signal management solutions, known for their innovative technology and seamless integration capabilities, catering to a wide range of audiovisual and live event applications. Their reliable and customizable systems empower users to deliver high-quality and dynamic multimedia experiences with precision and ease.

The bright and value-oriented E-Vision series continues Digital Projection’s legacy of del

Pioneering AV Innovation:

Analog Way is a frontrunner in the world of audiovisual technology.

With a history of groundbreaking solutions, they continue to lead the industry in developing cutting-edge products and services that enhance the way we experience visual content.

The bright and value-oriented E-Vision series continues Digital Projection’s legacy of del

Versatile Signal Processing

Analog Way's signal processing solutions offer unparalleled versatility, making them a go-to choice for AV professionals worldwide. Whether it's seamless switching, scaling, or creative video processing, Analog Way products empower users to unlock the full potential of their audiovisual systems.

The bright and value-oriented E-Vision series continues Digital Projection’s legacy of del

Sustainability Focused

Analog Way is at the forefront of sustainable AV solutions. They prioritize eco-friendly technology and practices, reducing environmental impact while delivering high-performance AV solutions. With a strong commitment to green initiatives, Analog Way is shaping the future of eco-conscious audiovisual technology.

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Zenith 200

The Zenith 200 is a high-performance multi-screen & multi-layer 4K60 presentation switcher and videowall processor based on the powerful Alta 4K platform. Featuring heavy-duty design, 16 inputs and 6 outputs with versatile 4K connectivity, state-of-the-art real-time processing, advanced video effects and user-friendly HTML5-based user interface, the Zenith 200 is a perfect fit for medium to large-scale live events and fixed installations requiring the highest reliability and performance. 


  • 16 Inputs

  • 6 Outputs

  • 4K60

  • 4:4:

  • 10-bit

  • 1 multiviewer

  • HDR

  • IP Streaming

  • Up to 8 layers

  • HDMI 2.0

  • DP 1.2

  • 12G-SDI

  • SFP+ 

Ascender Switchers

Analog Way’s mixers and seamless switchers are designed to meet any requirement, whether it is for live events, conferences or integrations. With 8 to 12 analog and digital inputs and up to 48 scalers, our mixers and seamless switchers offer multi-format mixing, edge blending, matrix switching and state of the art processing and Ultra Low frame delay, with a variety of stunning dynamic transition effects.

Models For Rent:

Analog Way Ascender 16 - 4K

Premium 4K Multi-Layer Seamless, Switcher, Preview/Mosaic output

  • 16 scalers

  • 12 inputs

  • 4 outputs

Analog Way Ascender 32 - 4K

Premium 4K Multi-Layer Seamless Switcher Preview/Mosaic output

  • 32 scalers

  • 12 inputs

  • 4 outputs

Analog Way Ascender 48 - 4K

Premium 4K Multi-Layer Seamless Switcher, Preview/Mosaic output

  • 48 scalers

  • 12 inputs

  • 4 outputs

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RK350 Controller

The RK-350 is an ergonomic and compact solution designed to operate the Midra™ series remotely with ease and comfort.

Thanks to a comprehensive set of physical key buttons and menus, the RK-350 gives instant access to all your switcher’s functions.

It also embeds a joystick for layer positioning/sizing and a T-Bar for manual smooth transitions.


  • Full control menu and settings of the paired switcher

  • Display status of the controlled switcher

  • Direct layers, logos, frames and sources selection

  • User defined layers properties memories 3 colour illuminated buttons

  • RJ45 connector for TCP/IP Ethernet connection

  • DB9 connector for RS232 serial communication

  • Easy-to-use remote control keypad

  • Compatible with all Midra™ series switchers

  • Joystick for layer positioning/sizing

  • T-Bar for manual smooth transitions

  • Large VFD display offering high contrast menu

  • Robust carrying case


Cost effective solution to easily control the presets on LiveCoreTM and MidraTM series.


  • 76 function-labeled keys

  • Customizable blue and red backlighting

  • Readily operational on all LiveCoreTM series (External Software supplied)

  • Readily operational on all MidraTM series (direct control via the RCS2 software)

  • USB connection to PC or Mac

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Link Cables

For even more impressive presentations, 2 SmartMatriX Ultra, Ascender 32 or Ascender 48 units can be linked together.

In this configuration, inputs and outputs are shared and added, resulting in impressive 24x8 scaled Seamless Matrix systems + 2 Mosaic Previews. The cabling is critical here. It is essential
to use the correct cabling  between the two devices.


  • Expandable from 4x4 to 64 x 64

  • 640 x 480 to 4K input and output resolution support

  • Seamless switching to output channels

  • PIP of second input on output channels

  • HDCP 2.2 support

  • Asymmetric system design

  • Support for all source types including HDBaseT and Fibre

  • Easy to use control platform

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