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Roland Professional AV

Roland Professional AV stands at the forefront of audiovisual technology, providing industry-leading solutions that seamlessly integrate innovative features to elevate the quality and performance of live events, broadcasting, and content creation.

Innovative, Integrated, Exceptional.

Roland Professional AV pioneers cutting-edge audiovisual solutions, combining innovation and reliability to meet the diverse needs of professionals in live events, broadcasting, and content creation. With a commitment to seamless integration, their products deliver exceptional performance, ensuring a heightened audiovisual experience. Roland Professional AV stands as a trusted industry leader, continually pushing the boundaries of technology for unparalleled quality and versatility.

V-1HD Video Switcher

  • Support for video cameras, action cameras, smart phones, tablet computers and other HDMI devices

  • 4 HDMI inputs

  • Easy to use interface

  • Two effects knobs deliver genuine visual performance

  • Full 12 channel Audio Mixer included

  • Easy to operate with hardware controls

  • Two HDMI outputs

  • Remote control via USB or MIDI connection

  • Supports up to Full HD 1080p

  • Picture-in-picture and split functions

So compact and portable, you can take the V-1HD and use it anywhere! The V-1HD makes it easy to connect and switch video cameras, smart phones, computers, tablets, Blu-ray players and other HDMI video sources with a simple push of a button or slide of the T-Fader.

It supports professional compositing effects such as picture-in-picture and keying allowing for graphic insets, titling or even “green screen” ideal for news broadcast or corporate training productions.

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Copy of Yellow Illustrative Merry Christmas Linktree Background (1920 x 700 px) (Instagram

V-600UHD 4K Multi-Format Video Switcher

  • High Dynamic Range [HDR]

  • Full 60Hz Frame Rate

  • A More Vivid Colour Space

  • 10-bit 4:4:4 Pixel-accurate Colour

  • Support for DCI Cinema 4K Resolution

  • Supports two Picture-in-Picture windows (PnP)

  • Built-in Region of Interest [ROI]

  • Flexible 24-bit 48kHz audio processing

  • Four HMDI 2.0 and two 12G SDI inputs

Upgrading to 4K greatly improves the image quality in your productions, so why compromise with switchers that may deliver more pixels but omit the true capabilities of 4K?

The V-600UHD uses High Dynamic Range [HDR] so your events look amazing. You don’t just see more pixels, you see better, more dynamic-looking pixels that preserve the details in the darkest and brightest areas of an image. HDR provides well-balanced stage lighting without oversaturation for IMAG (and it’s easier to achieve compared with using SDR.) And SDR dynamic range signals can also be input and switched with the V-600UHD.

VR-50HD Multi-Format AV Mixer

  • 12 input, 4-Channel Video plus still channel Multi-Format Switcher

  • Supports 3G/HD/SD SDI, HDMI, RGB/Component, and Composite Video Inputs Up to 1080p (3G SDI)

  • Embedding of audio with delay settings

  • 12-Channel Digital Audio Mixer with XLR, TRS, and RCA jacks along with audio from SDI and HDMI inputs

  • 4 Layer, Compositing of PinP, PinP/KEY, and STILL

  • Built-in preview touch monitor (7 inch Graphic color LCD 800 x 480 dots)

  • External multi-view output through HDMI

  • USB3.0 Video/Audio output for web streaming and recording up to 1080p (uncompressed)

  • HDCP support

A complete portable HD studio in a single unit. Single-person operation of sound and picture using faders, buttons and touch screen. The VR-50HD all-in-one AV mixer beautifully integrates an audio mixer, video switcher, multi-viewer touch screen and USB video/audio streaming into a stand-alone device.This single unit delivers functionality that until now required a number of peripheral devices to accomplish.

This portable live HD production solution is ideal for schools, churches, council meetings, corporate events, sports, trainings, or any other live event.

Copy of Yellow Illustrative Merry Christmas Linktree Background (1920 x 700 px) (Instagram
Copy of Yellow Illustrative Merry Christmas Linktree Background (1920 x 700 px) (Instagram

V-800HD MKII Multi-Format Video Switcher

  • 16 inputs, 10 Cross points (4 SDI/Composite/RGB + 4 DVI-I/HDMI)

  • 6 outputs (2 SDI + 2 DVI + RGB + Composite) Simultaneous output

  • Dedicated multi-view monitor output

  • 1080p/i, WUXGA processing

  • M/E (KEY, PinP) + AUX or DSK

  • M/E (KEY, PinP) + AUX or DSK

  • 3G, HD, SD 3-mode SDI (3G-SDI Level A/B compatible)

  • DVI-D/RGB/HDMI compatible

  • Input signal status confirmation LEDs

  • Two active still images from sixteen still memories

  • Ten assignable cross points

  • AUX bus switch

Supporting live events requires being ready for an ever-changing variety of input sources. The V-800HD MK II is equipped with scaling for every input and a wide range of common video connectors allowing camera, data and smart device sources of different resolutions and frame rates to be automatically detected, scaled and then adjusted as needed. Fine position adjustment for each input can be set in real-time using the joystick positioner control or from the menu displayed on the multi-viewer. The V-800HD MK II is also a powerful solution for installation in facilities that have both professional and in-experienced operators. Complex settings can be recalled with a one-touch memory recall and a straight forward interface makes it easy to step-up and operate without training. Two still images are assignable to the cross points from a choice of 16 internal stored images. This is useful for displaying corporate or institution logos and safety slides. The V-800HD MK II also makes it easy to create up to 3 “angles” from a single camera source with the high-resolution scaling of the multi-zoom function.

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