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AVail Service+ offers both free and chargeable elements, all aimed at alleviating the workload for busy integrators and gaining a competitive edge in a crowded marketplace. These services are often provided to your end customer in collaboration with you, working on your behalf.

What We


Unique Extended Warranties

Audio Visual Material has teamed up with our partners to develop a range of unique and extended warranty products. These warranties are strategically designed to empower you with an additional tool in competitive sales situations & AV Trade Support. What sets us apart is that warranty support is provided through our in-house technical team and is offered as a complimentary benefit to AVM customers. Contact us to discover the specific offerings available for each vendor brand, and let us tailor a warranty to suit your unique requirements.


Comprehensive Training

We conduct training sessions at our facility in Basingstoke, at your location, or on-site with your customers. Our training covers various aspects, including product training and effective equipment usage. Feel free to discuss your training requirements, even for products not supplied by AVM, as we may be able to assist. Our regular training courses include the Projection Masterclass and technical training on Dexon systems, with details available on our website and social media channels.


Commissioning Services

To offer the best AV Trade Support to our customers, we provide commissioning services to end users on your behalf. These services encompass optimizing incoming resolution, assessing signal quality with test patterns, demonstrating the best use of lens shift and digital keystone for superior picture quality, color balancing between multiple projection installations, product handovers, and explanation of warranty services.


In-Depth Assistance

During the commissioning phase, if you require assistance during installation, we're ready to lend a hand, often without additional charges. Following our involvement on-site with your customer, we offer a comprehensive handover service, covering projector menu and feature walkthroughs, basic maintenance guidance, firmware update procedures, troubleshooting common issues, and explaining the warranty procedure.


Tailor-Made Warranties

Our highly experienced technical team is well-equipped to provide comprehensive servicing for the brands supplied by AVM, as well as other major brands including Epson, Sanyo, NEC, Hitachi, Mitsubishi, Sharp, and Panasonic. Our services encompass routine servicing, cleaning, repairs, spare parts, replacement lamps, and even a rack build service. Additionally, we offer collection and delivery arrangements when needed to provide the best AV Trade Support.


Maintenance Contracts

We provide both routine and preventative maintenance contracts for your customers on your behalf, even for projector brands not supplied by AVM. Preventative visits are a cost-effective long-term solution, as they help reduce non-warranty failures resulting from inadequate servicing or maintenance. These visits include thorough equipment cleaning, filter maintenance, lamp usage checks, alignment verification, and function testing.


Assisted Installation

We're here to assist with site surveys and project design, providing additional services such as CAD renders to help your clients visualize projects and increase your chances of securing deals. Some services may be chargeable. Our team can provide an assisted integrator install service, either as part of your team or by managing the entire project. This is particularly beneficial when working with unfamiliar products.


Service Level Agreements

We offer Service Level Agreements for a range of projection systems, video walls, and processors, complete with backup provisions and fixed response times.

Let AVail Service+ be your trusted partner in the AV trade, providing you with expert guidance and support throughout every project. Contact us today to explore the range of services and discover how we can enhance your AV integration journey.

Meet Chris Athanasiou

Our Technical Director & Avail+ Specialist

Our technical team is headed up by Chris Athanasiou, an AV professional who has over 25 years’ experience of working in AV distributors’ technical departments.

Chris is hugely knowledgeable and always available to offer help and support to our trade customers, and to support you with your end customers.

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