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DigiLED: seamless displays leading the AV revolution

In today’s digital age, where visual impact plays a crucial role in capturing attention and conveying information, digiLED screens stand at the forefront of innovation. digiLED is a leading manufacturer of large seamless LED displays, providing exceptional visual experiences across various high level industries. With its commitment to excellence and cutting-edge technology, digiLED is revolutionising the way we perceive and interact with digital content.

In this article, we here at AVM take a look at how and why digiLED is changing the game, and how you can get digiLED products into your next installation. Let’s get started!

digiLED - LED Screens Large For Events, Venues, Outdoor

LED vs. Projectors and Screens

The traditional audio visual approach of installing projectors and screens for large scale presentations may feel comfortable and cost-effective, but digiLED is making sure LED displays rival this approach in terms of overall benefits. What’s more, the rate of technological development is such that digiLED displays are quickly outstripping projector and screen instals for ease and overall value. 

When it comes to large-scale displays, LED technology offers a multitude of advantages over traditional projectors and screens. digiLED’s products are renowned for their perfect uniformity and absence of colour balancing issues, ensuring vivid and true-to-life visuals. Unlike projectors which require a clear line of site light path, LED solutions can often provide an excellent alternative to more challenging projection applications where steeply raked ceilings, pelmets and lighting fixtures can cause shadow problems on screen. Plus, LED displays are very much the future of the AV industry – so a purchase now future-proofs your install for many years to come.


Five Key Industries Benefiting from digiLED’s solutions

There’s a whole host of practical applications for digiLED products. Here, we’ll take a look at a handful of ideal use cases. 


digiLED’s large seamless displays provide immersive learning experiences, enhancing engagement and collaboration in educational settings. From lecture halls to interactive learning spaces, LED displays offer superior clarity and visibility, allowing students to grasp complex concepts with ease.


In the fast-paced world of retail, attention-grabbing displays are absolutely essential. digiLED’s bright and vibrant LED screens are ideal for shops, showcasing product promotions and captivating customers’ attention in crowded environments.


Whether it’s a car showroom or any other showroom displaying high-end products, digiLED’s LED displays create stunning visual backdrops that complement the showcased items. The high-resolution screens elevate the overall ambience, leaving a lasting impression on potential customers.


LED displays are transforming the way religious institutions engage with their congregations. From displaying sermons and song lyrics to enhancing visual storytelling, digiLED’s LED solutions provide an immersive and memorable worship experience.

TV Studios and XR Reality

The television and entertainment industry relies on high-quality displays to captivate audiences. digiLED’s large seamless LED screens offer exceptional image quality, making them perfect for TV studios and the emerging field of Extended Reality (XR) experiences.

Key Product Lines by digiLED

AVM can furnish your business with an extensive range of digiLED products – here’s two popular pieces that you may find handy for your next installation.

DigiThin XS HD 

The DigiThin XS HD is a high-value, high-quality panel that delivers outstanding performance. This super slim display has a panel depth of just 48mm, making it a great addition to a wide variety of environments – performance spaces, transportation hubs, retail, and education are all brought to life by the DigiThin XS. 

With competitive pricing available from AVM, this product offers an accessible option for various display applications. Want to see more? You can demo a DigiThin XS HD in person at digiLED’s dedicated showroom in Dorking. Reach out to AVM, and we can help arrange a demonstration.

Zeus: Zero Energy Usage System

This unique energy conservation technology was developed as part of digiLED’s recent large-scale upgrade at the O2 Arena. As a result of this new tech, the display’s standby power burn reduced from 130,000 kWh per annum to zero, with a cost saving of tens of thousands of pounds. It was such a momentous achievement, digiLED won the 2023 AV News Commercial Project of the Year Award as a result.

digiLED’s award-winning installation at the O2 Arena showcases the incredible power of their Zeus system. Zeus allows each screen in the system to be powered on individually, dramatically reducing power consumption and enabling much greater system control. With customizable options, Zeus is the go-to choice for bright rooms where projection is impractical due to glass and reflections.


Why Choose AVM for digiLED Products

AVM, a trusted partner of digiLED, offers a peerless service that enhances the experience of purchasing and installing LED displays from start to finish. With our unique turnkey purchase solutions, AVM is with you at every step of the process, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free buying experience for all our customers. 

Additionally, AVM offers flexible and accessible financing options, including the possibility of ‘no big deposit’ and 0% deposit structures, making it easier and more affordable for businesses to invest in digiLED’s state-of-the-art displays.

digiLED’s commitment to innovation and its range of industry-leading LED display solutions has revolutionised the way we engage with digital content. From universities to retail spaces, showrooms, churches, TV studios, and more, digiLED’s seamless displays offer unmatched visual experiences. 

And with AVM’s trademark high level services and financing options, businesses can confidently invest in digiLED’s products and create captivating visual environments that leave a lasting impact. Discover the possibilities of digiLED and unlock a new era of digital displays.

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