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Unlocking Sustainable Solutions: The Game-Changing Power of Energy Efficient LED Screens

The LED screens industry harbours a secret that has long gone unnoticed - screens are rarely turned off when in a perceived standby mode, often referred to as "playing black." In this perceived standby mode, LED screens consume a significant amount of power, ranging from 6% to 18% of their maximum power capacity. Over time, this seemingly harmless practice accumulates into substantial energy costs. Enter digiLED ZEUS®, a revolutionary solution poised to transform the LED screen landscape and unveil a new era of energy efficiency.


Powering Down for Savings: How much could you save with digiLED ZEUS®?

Discover the potential savings for your venue with digiLED ZEUS®. This innovative technology addresses the industry's notorious energy consumption issue during standby mode and introduces a range of features designed to not only cut power consumption to zero but also redefine the way LED screens operate.


Key Features of digiLED ZEUS®

Zero Power Consumption

digiLED ZEUS® eliminates power consumption when screens are not in use, reducing energy costs and environmental impact.

Soft Start Technology:

Patented ZEUS technology resolves the common startup inrush overloads, ensuring a seamless and energy-efficient screen activation.


Remote Reboot Capability:

No need to be on-site to power up your screen; digiLED ZEUS® offers remote reboot functionality for added convenience.

Building Systems Integration:

Achieve full screen power integration with popular systems such as Creston, AMX, and Extron.


Planet-Saving Credentials:

Enjoy demonstrable and quantifiable energy savings with digiLED ZEUS®, making your venue eligible for green accreditation and tax credits.


Discover the transformative power of digiLED ZEUS® for your venue. Learn more about smart power management for LED screens and join the revolution towards a more energy-efficient and sustainable future.

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